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Taylored Tack Mijakwat Halter Bridle


What makes this "V" browband Mijakwat Halter Bridle so special is the genuine horsehair tassel with a handmade horsehair hitched knot.

A little history lesson on Horsehair Hitching. This beautiful art form was once the pastime of vaqueros, cowboys, sheepherders, and Indians and when the least law–abiding of this group found themselves doing time, took up this time consuming craft to pass the hours. Just to give you an idea of how time consuming this art form is, it takes one hour to hitch one inch!

But by 1960, horsehair hitching was in danger of becoming a lost art in America.  Thanks to a few individuals who realized this truly beautiful art was in danger of extinction and now horsehair hitching is alive and well in the USA.

Shown here is our Halter Bridle Combo with the button stud bit attachment, in Black Beta® with Desert Moon Overlay and matching Black Tassel. Tassels come in Black and White. Designs may vary on the knot, so please let us choose the perfect knot for you that best matches the overlay.

Colors & Other Options: Click here for your options.

Sizes: Cob/Arab, Horse, Custom (click here for measuring instructions)

Overlay Options: Desert Moon, Desert Sun, Fire Dance, Prairie Dust, Meadowlands, Wind River, Purple Maze

NOTES RE ORDERING:  Please specify the Overlay Color and tassel colors you want in the order notes during checkout.  If ordering a custom size, please provide your measurements in the order notes as well.

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