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Taylored Tack Horse Shoe Brand Comfy Reins with Overlay

Taylored Tack Horse Shoe Brand Comfy Reins with Overlay - WOW, Amanda took the best selling Comfy Reins and added fabulous Overlay and the beautiful Horse Shoe Brand Conway Buckle!

Why are Taylored Tack Comfy Reins so comfy?  Because they have a  very soft hand and feels like butter. But they’re tough, made with your choice of 5/8" or 3/4" wide Super Heavy Beta®. Most importantly, when they get wet, they don’t get slick.

Shown here in 3/4" Yellow Beta®  with Wind River Overlay. The Overlay is on one side of the reins. Shown with scissor snaps and also available with Halter Snaps, both in stainless steel. Our Comfy Reins only comes in Beta®.

Taylored Tack HSB Comfy Reins with Overlay come with Stainless Steel Swivel or Halter Scissor Snaps and Stainless Steel HSB Conway Buckles, so you have the choice to either attach the reins directly to your bit or use the handy Scissor Snaps. Either way, they are a great pair of reins!

You can choose from the wonderful selection of Beta® and BioThane® colors and beautiful overlay!

Overlay Options: Desert Moon, Desert Sun, Fire Dance, Prairie Dust, Meadowlands, Wind River, Purple Maze

Colors & Other Options: Click here for your options.

Rein Width: 5/8", 3/4"

Sizes: 9', 10', Custom

NOTES RE ORDERING:  Please specify the following in the Order Notes at checkout:

  1. Indicate the rein width you prefer.
  2. Indicate whether you prefer plain or black accent conway buckles.
  3. Indicate scissor snaps or halter snaps.
  4. If ordering a custom length put this in the order notes as well.

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