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Taylored Tack Chica Reins

Taylored Tack Hopi Reins are a natural to add to Taylored Tack line of reins. Just as beautiful as the Apache Reins with the Overlay - but just as handy as our Chica Reins. 

These 7 1/2' and 8 foot reins are perfect for the rider who doesn’t like excess reins to deal with while riding. The problem with shorter reins, though, is that when your horse bends down to drink from a bucket or stream, your arms suddenly become too short.  Well, we have solved that problem by adding a handy dandy 24inch “Arm Extenders” to the center of our reins. Yep, your arms instantly become 2 feet longer. Imagine that!

Just like the Grippy Reins, you will see and feel the difference in the quality of the grip, unlike the old kind that would melt in your hands after only a year.

The Grippy Rein is 3 /4” wide is sewn onto 3/4” wide Beta and BioThane. The popper is 1/2" wide.

Shown here in Blue BioThane with Fire Dance Overlay and Stainless Steel Scissor Snaps and Conway Buckle and also available with Halter Snaps, too.

The Grippy part is available in Black or Brown and Smooth Grip and Original Grippy.

You can choose from the wonderful selection of Beta® and BioThane® colors and beautiful Overlays.

Overlay Options: Desert Moon, Desert Sun, Fire Dance, Prairie Dust, Meadowlands, Wind River, Purple Maze

Colors & Other Options: Click here for your options.

Sizes: 9', 10', Custom

NOTES RE ORDERING:  Please specify the following in the Order Notes at checkout:

  1. Indicate either Original Grip (with dimples) or Smooth Grip in black or brown.
  2. Indicate your Overlay choice.
  3. Indicate scissor snaps or halter snaps.
  4. If ordering a custom length put this in the order notes as well.

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