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T3 Matrix Endurance CoolBack Saddle Pad- Ortho-Impact


The T3 Endurance Pad was designed with the rigors of 100 mile rides in mind.  Tested by the top endurance riders in the country, the T3 Endurance Pads offer an ergonomic shape for ease of movement under saddle, impact protection inserts to guard against muscle fatigue and soreness, and orthopedic grade fleece that quickly wicks away moisture and distributes pressure evenly under your saddle.

The T3 CoolBack Endurance Pad is made with and orthopedic polyester fleece originally designed for the medical industry.  CoolBack provides long-lasting pressure relief with a highly breathable resilient pile that also releases heat efficiently.  This fast-drying textile keeps your horse comfortable on the hardest rides.  CoolBack is manufactured in the USA.

The ultra-light, ultra-thin layer of high density XRD Technology provides superior protection by absorbing 90% of impact; the 13mm layer of medium density viscoelastic foam offers superior musculoskeletal cushioning.  Ortho is a great performance insert that can also help compensate for saddle fit and asymmetrical muscle development.

Ortho-Impact Poron protects the horse while minimizing the shock felt by the rider, providing relief and a more secure seat.

Ortho-Impact offers maximum cushioning protection without restricting range of motion.

Easy Care: Remove inserts before washing.  Mild detergent, tumble dry low.

Ortho Inserts:  Wipe with damp cloth.

Size:   29” L x 20 1/2” W

Pad Colors: Burgundy, Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Lamb, Navy, Purple, Red, White

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