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Porta-Grazer™ Slow Feeder XL


Forage is the foundation of every equine’s diet and needs to flow steadily through the digestive tract. Gaps without forage can lead to ulcers, colic, behavioral issues, stall vices, gorging, choke, cribbing, and even laminitis. Truly, the only way to avoid these problems is to allow your horse steady access to forage, free-choice, all day and all night.

The Porta-Grazer™ Slow Feeders help to slow feed intake and stimulate the natural head down grazing behavior for horses kept in contained areas. Natural grazing usually consumes up to sixteen hours per day, so restricted twice-a-day feeding can often cause digestive problems as well as physical and mental stress. The Porta-Grazer™ keeps your horse stimulated and fed for much longer periods during the day, improving physical and mental well being for confined horses. 

The Porta-Grazer™ Slow Feeder XL with 3.5 holes* is a two-piece set including the main barrel and one feed pan. The patented interlocking pan and barrel design allows for approximately 40% more volume than the original Porta-Grazer™ model and features opening notches on the barrel that correspond with tabs located on the lower outside portion of the pan, allowing the pan to be secured in the barrel while still partially extended above the barrel opening. 

Approximate hay capacity = 5655 cu. in. = 1/3 of a 3 string bale or 1/2 of a 2 string bale. Weight will vary depending on the compaction and moisture content of the hay.

*The 3.5" hole feeder pan is recommended for feeding hay free choice.  

The Porta-Grazer™ is constructed from ultra rugged food-grade polyethylene plastic that offers UV protection as well as a -30 degree weather rating. Designed with the rough-and-tumble life of any hay feeder in mind, the Porta-Grazer™ features convenient handles that make transportation easy and also prevent the barrel from rolling away when it is knocked over. 

Size: 24" Tall x 22" Wide with a 3/4" Threaded Drain Plug. Approximately 20lb weight when empty.

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