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HiTie™ Tether System by EasyCare



The HiTie™ was developed to provide a comfortable and safe alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The HiTie™ gives horses free movement and access to an area equivalent of a 13 foot diameter round pen. This safe controlled movement gives horses the ability to graze, eat, drink, roll and lie down while tied.

How It Works:

The HiTie™ is a flexible arm that attaches to the side of a horse trailer or building. After installation, the HiTie™ provides a flexible, secure tie location 4 feet from the trailer or building. The HiTie™ provides safety and freedom in five ways:

  1. The horse is four feet from the trailer and has approximately 135 square feet of usable space.
  2. The flexible fiberglass rod moves with the horse and allows additional movement when stressed.
  3. The adjustable bungee tether (which is sold separately) allows the horse to be tied 24 inches above the ground while providing access to food and water. The bungee tether can be stretched from 5 feet to 9 feet. This important feature of the HiTie™ System keeps the tether out of the horse’s way when rolling, eating or resting.
  4. The HiTie™ System is designed to eliminate rattles or noises caused by a moving horse. This is a very important feature for people using the HiTie™ System on a trailer with living quarters. The constant metal on metal rattling action of other units allows for little sleep.
  5. The HiTie™ stores flat against your horse trailer while traveling. There is no need to remove the HiTie™ arm....ever. It’s as simple as removing the locking pin, rotating the arm and then replacing the pin. The new mounting bracket allows the HiTie™ arm to store left, right, up or down.

HiTie™ Bungee

All-in-one adjustable length strap attached to a heavy duty elastic cord system includes everything you need to tether your horse to the HiTie™ Arm.

Bridle clip on one end, hook and loop system on the other end.

Designed to break free under heavy stress for horse safety. Black only.