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EasyCare Bun Warmer Rump Rug


When the weather starts changing it can be cold a heck in the morning, warm in the afternoon and cold as heck again.  When your horse is standing around in the cold his bun muscles can stiffer up, particularly after he/she has been ridden.

You can help keep your horse's bun muscles warm during those stand-around-periods by using an EasyCare Bun Warmer Rump Rug.  

The EasyCare Bun Warmer Rump Rug is made of a waterproof, breathable rip-stop nylon shell with fleece lining. The weighted corners keep it put, and the elastic drawstring cinch cord allows for easy roll-up and storage. And you can let it out or draw it back up while sitting in the saddle!

Keep your horse's buns warm!

Each EasyCare Bun Warmer Rump Rug is 31"L x 50.5"W, black only.


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