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E-Z Ride Ultimate Ultra Stirrups with Safety Cage by EasyCare


E-Z Ride Ultimate Ultra Stirrups with Safety Cage by Easycare offer cutting edge technology in a lightweight aluminum hoop design that is so strong, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. And, E-Z Ride Stirrups are the #1 long distance stirrup.

The integrated top bar system allows for three sizes of fenders and stirrup leathers  (1", 2", 3") without needing additional parts or accessories. The new EVA foam pad cushions the ride and helps tremendously with circulation throughout your feet.  This makes long days in the saddle so enjoyable! And, the patented dimple design keeps your foot firmly in place, no matter what the riding activity or your footwear. 

The base of each E-Z Ride Stirrup is 4 inches deep and the opening for your foot measured from the top of the footbed cushion to the bottom of the topbar is 5". 

Available black or silver 

Weight for pair of stirrups is 2.5 pounds. 

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