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4Flex™ Pathfinder EFF Trail Saddle by Le Selle Italiane

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The 4Flex Pathfinder EFF Saddle is a versatile and lightweight trail and endurance saddle

 Exclusive 4-Way Fit
 Comfort Seat
 Made in Italy

The new 4Flex Pathfinder EFF Saddle is a versatile and lightweight endurance saddle designed in Italy to keep you and your horse comfortable whether you are competing, training or enjoying a short jaunt on the weekend.

The combination of quality J&E Sedgwick English leather and genuine Italian calfskin leather along with double soft padding in the seat makes this saddle both extremely comfortable and durable.

The new 4Flex Pathfinder EFF is hand built in Italy on a Steele Equi-fit® Flexible tree (EFF). The Steele tree, made in the U.S., has a rigid fork and cantle assembled together with flexible bars. The rigid fork and cantle maintain proper bar rafter angle and spread while the flexible bars allow the tree to bend following the contour of your horse's spine. Additionally, the wither cutback allows fit for horses with high, long withers while fitting equally well on horses with normal or little wither.

Steele Equi-fit® Flexible bars are molded of a material similar to a rubber-like work boot sole. This state-of-the-art elastomer owes its flexilbity to the molecular structure. The elastomer has memory ensuring a tree that always sets up square and level. The tree sizes offered are: medium (quarter), large (full quarter), and extra large (extra full quarter).

4Flex Pathfinder EFF Panel System easily adjusts by moving the panels up towards the gullet for a narrower fit, or down for a wider fit. The panels can also be adjusted forward and back on each side to aid in the fit of uneven shoulders side-to-side.

The new 4Flex™ EFF saddles, made in Italy by experienced Italian craftsman, offer a 4-Way Fit exclusive to the 4Flex™ brand.
Your sale saddle features:
  • J&E Sedgwick black leather
  • Italian black calfskin leather 16" seat (18" English sizing)
  • XL (extra full quarter) pommel 
  • Removable, adjustable leather panels
  • English billets
  • 9 d-rings
  • Sweat flaps
  • 4Flex™ wide leathers
  • An overall length of 22" with 21" bars

Exclusive 4-Way Fit

4Flex™ - Adjustable Fit with the Security of a Tree.

  1. your choice of pommel size
  2. the panels on the underside of the saddles can be adjusted to a narrow or wide gullet
  3. panels can be moved further forward or backward
  4. every saddle is made with an Equi-Fit® Flexible tree