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How To Measure for Custom Tack

How To Measure for Custom Bridle by using a fabric type tape measure.

1. Mouth to Mouth: measure from the upper corner of the mouth up over the poll (top of head, behind the ears) to other upper corner of mouth.

2. Nose Band: measure completely around the nose about 2-3 fingers width below the cheek bone. Make sure to start and end in the same place.

3. Throat: measure completely around the throat. Start behind one ear and make a complete circle around the entire throat back to where you started.

4. Brow Band: measure across the entire brown, from right behind the ear across the brow to right behind the other ear. Keep in mind that the brow band extends behind the ears.

How to Measure for a Breast Collar by using a fabric type tape measure.

Note: Take your measurements with the saddle on and measure the horse's body, not his existing tack. Be certain to keep the tape measure flush against the skin.

1. Shoulder Strap: measure from the front D-ring on the saddle to the center of the horse's chest (about 1 hand width below where the neck meets the chest).

2. Girth Strap: measure from the center of the chest (about 1 hand width below where the neck meets the chest) through the front legs to the ring on the girth/cinch. If there is no ring, measure to the center front of the girth.

Note: when using a treeless saddle such as a Freeform, measure to the second d-ring down from the pommel of the saddle.