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Taylored Tack Horse Shoe Brand Buckle Collection

Jeremiah Watt has over 30 years of experience as a custom saddlemaker, and used his knowledge and creativity to develop a line of durable, artistic hardware called Horse Shoe Brand. All pieces are made of stainless steel and are meant to endure the test of time. The intricate designs and carefully crafted details will add a great finishing touch to any item.


HSB Oval PlainHSB Oval Black
 Oval Plain                        HSB Oval Black Accent

Square PlainSquare Black

              HSB Square Plain                      HSB Square Black Accent

HSB Half PlainHSB Half Black

                HSB Half Plain                             HSB Half Black Accent

            HSB Conway Plain                          HSB Conway Black Accent



             HSB Concho Plain                                  HSB Concho Black