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About Bucas Blankets

Founded in Cork, Ireland in 1981, Bucas has always merged the great Irish equestrian tradition with the latest technical developments in textiles and manufacturing to develop a wide range of innovative and technically advanced products.

Whether you pronounce it "Bookas" or "Byukas," the name has become synonymous with "excellence." Bucas turnouts combine unique materials to create what is effectively a "climate management system" for your horse, so he can remain comfortable no matter what the weather.  Look for the temperature range guides with every turnout to select the blanket most suitable for your horse and your climate.

Watch a series of videos below for more information about Bucas Horse Blankets.

Selecting a Bucas Blanket

To provide a horse the optimal fit, comfort and protection select the appropriate blanket for the horse and his environment. When choosing a Bucas blanket , consider two factors: the measurement of the horse and the temperature range for which the rug you choose is most suited.           

  Available Year Round              Available Spring/Summer             Available Fall/Winter

How To Measure A Horse

The following instructions outline a step-by-step approach to measuring a horse for a Bucas Blanket to provide optimal fit, comfort and ease of movement. (You may also view the video below.)

Bucas recommends that the horse be measured from (A) the center point of the chest, over the high point of the shoulder, and then to (B) the rear of the hind leg,.  Do not measure around the back of the hind leg.

Bucas Blanket Materials

Denier (D) is the unit of measure for the weight of a given length of fiber based on itsd linear mass density.  Denier is only a good measure of strength and durability when comparing two deniers of the same textile, but all textiles are not created equally. Here are some of the properties of the Bucas textiles.

Ballistic Nylon (Power, Smartex) is one of the strongest textiles available.  DuPont originally designed ballistic nylon for flak jackets in World War II to protect airmen from flying fragments.  Even though standard nylon is a much stronger fabric than polyester, ballistic nylon is even tougher!
Ballistic nylon is woven at 1000D, meaning it remains lighter weight yet more durable than a higher denier standard nylon or polyester. 

Ripstop Polyester (Irish, Select, Freedom) is a polyester fabric specially woven in a cross-hatch pattern and interwoven with reinforcement threads. The ripstop weave means the polyester is less likely to continuously tear, making it much more durable than a standard polyester fabric.

Teflon® Polyester (Sunshower) is a polyester fabric treated with a Teflon® shield to increase durablity.  The Teflong® shield means that the denier of the polyester can be kept lower so the fabric remains lighter weight, making it more suitable to a warm weather turnout.

Polypropylene (Celtic) is a synthetic textile with high abrasion resistance and low heat transfer.  More simply put, it's extremely durable and acts as an insulator to keep the horse warm, making it perfect for a stable blanket.  Because polypropylene by nature doesn't absorb water, as a blanket outershell, it's also naturally water-resistant without additional fabric treatments.



Watch a series of videos below for more information about Bucas Horse Blankets.
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