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Evolution Pro Contact Testimonial

January 11, 2017

Evolution Pro Contact Testimonial

Hi Candy,  

I finally had a chance to saddle up and play.  I love this saddle!  It fits me and my horses nicely.  I initially purchased this for my Belgian draft.  I ended up trying on my little Morgan-Arab mix.  I wasn't expecting it to work on her.  She has been terribly difficult to fit.  She moved out wonderfully!  Almost too well.

For me, I love this saddle because I can feel my horse.  I can get my short legs on her and feel her movements so well.  I love that seat can be adjusted easily.  Because Hannah is so wide, I added a twist bolster to give me little more comfort in the hips.  I also added a pommel bolster to create more of a pocket in the seat.  I also appreciate the thighs blocks.  It is a bit of added security on a horse that can be a little spooky.

For my horses, this saddle does not move.  It does not shift side to side and did not slip.  It conforms to them nicely and they seem to like it.  My little one put it to the test.... The billets are long enough to use a properly fitted girth with my draft.  This has been a challenge with nearly every saddle brand I have tried.  

An added and unexpected bonus is that I can use this saddle on both horses.  Any adjustment needed can be done in the pad.  I use Skito pads on both.  This means less saddles to lug around and care for.  It will be a time saver for me.   I couldn't be more pleased.

As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you.

Andrea - Massachusetts


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